Broader adoption of
Assets and Tech

COUNTRYCOIN, will support the expansion of the markets and the adoption of the technology. It advances the industry with the wider adoption of assets and the supporting technology.

The financial markets constantly innovate as technology advances and the market's structure changes in tandem. Countrycoin is a perfect example of an emerging technology that may be able to provide fresh and affordable ways for capital formation.

By offering Trust-As-A-Service, COUNTRYCOIN(COTY) suggests a contemporary method of conducting business in order to promote commitment and close the trust gap in the international marketplace.

How Countrycoin save the planet?

Our planet desperately needs an economy that operates within its environmental boundaries. This requires us to radically change the ways we produce and consume.The uses of the countrycoin are numerous.

Act as platform currency.

Assistance with hosting fee payment.

Ensure ecosystem staking and numerous
additional System-wide goals.

What makes us different
from others?

To create a universe for all the creators for collabs exclusivity and profit.

and Energy

Business sustainability and societal impact are more important than ever. By enabling cost savings and improved efficiency, Countrycoin helps businesses achieve their sustainability objectives.

Create the future technologies

What makes country coin so successful? The obvious response is: Our people. We take great pride in having one of the most gifted, diligent, and enthusiastic teams the world has to offer.


Building accessible future throughout the staking and lending operations, your private keys and money are always completely under your control. You are allowed to cancel any delegations you have made at any time.

Speedup Transactions

Users can securely store digital growcap/assets and share them automatically or manually thanks to country coin's blockchain technology.